Paradise Sky - Pomos - Paphos


It is widely accepted in Cyprus that Pomos is one of the most beautiful, natural and unspoiled areas on the island; the rich forest of "Stavros tis Psokas" runs down the mountains and almost meets the clear blue pebbly beach of the North coast. As you approach the village, you feel like you've left the island; that you've travelled in a different time spectrum. The road that takes you from "Polis tis Chrysochous" to Pomos, runs along the sea almost all the way; as you drive through the various little villages that lie along the road, you can not fail to notice the simple beach bars and fish taverns that are scattered next to the beach, serving their customers fish that local fishermen catch every day. Life on this side of Cyprus is different, slower, more natural, more relaxed and traditional.

As you approach Pomos the vegetation changes; above the orchards that line the road, pine trees and mountains start appearing. Where the forest gets dense and the mountains are tall, the area is called "Paradisos" which means paradise in the Greek language. Locals will explain that the area got its name because it is considered to be the most beautiful location of the area.

Finding plots of land in Pomos is not an easy task; finding land in "Paradisos" is almost an impossible task. The locals live a simple life. Their needs and financial demands are simple. Most use their land that has been passed down to them from their parents and grandparents, to grow fruits and vegetables, their main source of income. Unless one really needs the money, land is not for sale.

When we embarked on this project of finding land in Pomos, we went the usual route of using local estate agents, mainly from Paphos or Polis, answering to the odd newspaper add or driving around looking for "Sale" signs. The options were limited, expensive and most of them did not offer what we envisioned; until a local showed us two plots of land in "Paradisos" and we instantly fell in love with the area and the endless possibilities of these two plots. The asking price was high and non negotiable. We took it and started looking for the right architects who could design a solution that took advantage of what the area had to offer without spoiling the natural beauty around it. The outcome is the two amazing villas we have for sale, Paradise Sky and Paradise Heights

The usual comment we get from people who look at the plans and 3-dimentional representations of the project is "this is the villa to die for" and indeed, it is a villa you instantly fall in love with. Designed by the architects Seroff & Papadopoulos, this magnificent property offers the true meaning of "room with a view". Every single room has been designed to overlook at the sea. Standing on the balcony or being in the infinity pool, you get the feeling that you are floating; above you extends the clean air and blue sky, below you is the clear blue Mediterranean Sea and around you forest pines and fruit trees add to the tranquillity and the divine feeling that you are in "Paradise".