Paradise Heights - Pomos - Paphos


If you ask a local to list the prettiest places of Pomos, they will most likely start from the area they call "Paradisos" which is paradise in Greek. Paradise Heights is in the heart of the Paradisos hill, surrounded by a beautiful forest with breathtaking views of the sea which is less than 300 meters away. This exclusive villa is sitting just beneath its sister villa, Paradise Sky; the two villas complement each other, making the project more interesting and complete.

The architects behind the design of both villas is the firm Seroff & Papadopoulos whose vast experience and impressive style made this project one of the best, money can buy in Cyprus. Each of the three bedrooms and the living room, the kitchen, even the auxiliary rooms, all face the magnificent sea. The concept behind both villas is the "cube" or to be more precise, a number of interconnected cubes that are positioned on different elevations in the hill, creating a very unique and interesting design, both to look at but mostly to live in.

Just beneath Paradise Sky, there is an abundance of citrus, apple, peach and other local trees; come spring, the air fills of a mixture of blossom smells, making the place even more beautiful.

The entire villa is hanging off the edge of the hill, giving the feeling that it is floating, suspended in the air. The infinity pool and the decking that surrounds it are also suspended, adding to the "floating factor" of the place. This is a house you will fall in love with, a work of art, a masterpiece of design you can own.