Aloe Dali Gardens - Dali - Nicosia

10 houses
Number of units
4 bedroom + office / laundry room
Size of units
2 spaces, 1 covered
Private pool
Cental Heating
Air conditioning

The land is in Dali, a village in the outskirts of Nicosia, 3 minutes drive from the highway. The travelling time to Nicosia or Larnaca is similar, about 20 minutes.  The area is a newly developed residential area surrounded by fields with amazing views of the Cyprus countryside.  The road network joining the project to Nicosia has been redesigned and within a few months will be brand new.

This project is currently under study and we expect to have the plans ready by Q2, 2011. The plan is for 10 detached houses designed with the young family in mind.  The entire design of these houses takes into consideration that cost is an important factor, especially when it comes to young couples and families.  Without sacrificing quality and comfort, the architects and engineers are striving to implement clever designs and ideas that are bound to revolutionise the way consumers choose their residence.

The project is designed to take advantage of all new technologies in the area of energy efficiency and water conservation, maximising the quality of life factor whilst at the same time minimising the ongoing cost of ownership (maintenance and utility bills). At the same time however, all so called modern luxuries like heating, air conditioning, en suite bathrooms, build in kitchen and wardrobes will be provided.

Since the target is young couples and families, houses will offer the option of a roomy basement, a swimming pool and a BBQ area.

As soon as plans and more information are available, a price list will be announced.