Company Profile

Ikodomiki Stavrides & Stavrides is a dynamic private company with a mission to create exceptional properties and offer them at reasonable prices.

The people behind the company are two brothers, Greg and George Stavrides, who appreciate that customers, who choose to buy from a family owned company, do so because they are looking for something unique, more personal and at a better price.

"Our strategy, says George Stavrides is based on this customer expectation and we have found our niche in the market by focusing on quality and innovation, by offering value for money and by doing our best to keep our customers happy".

Quality is built deep in our DNA, it starts at the design stage and runs throughout construction to completion and after sale service. Quality should not be limited to just the visible finishing materials of a building that will influence the decision making of the first time buyer. For Ikodomiki Stavrides & Stavrides, quality is behind every stage of the project because all stages are equally crucial. Foundations are as important as the laying of bricks, the plastering of walls, the fitting of tiles, the plumbing fittings, the electrical installations and so on. Quality is achieved through people that put pride in their work, through patience, care and strict procedures that ensure mistakes are minimised, detected and corrected. We choose to work with people who share our passion for quality rather than with people who produce the lowest quote for the job; and we work with them to cut down costs through planning, streamlining of operations and efficiency.

Innovation is found in our designs, in the clever use of new insulation materials that will make your life comfortable and keep your energy bills low, in the craftsmanship of our people who strive to make your new residence pleasant, in the use of 3600 sonar sensors to provide comfort and economy in the lighting of common areas, in the installation of intelligent thermostats for the under floor heating that offer you maximum flexibility in a user friendly way and in so many other solutions and materials that we constantly research and introduce to make your living more vibrant and pleasant.

Value for money is a promise we always keep because that's what our customers have come to expect from us. Value for money is a result of our cost efficiency throughout the production of a building and our willingness to share this saving with our customers. To the team at Ikodomiki Stavrides & Stavrides value is a lot of things; it is in the selection of location where beautiful surroundings present potential buyers with a sound investment, in the exterior aesthetics of a building that should make a statement without being an eyesore, in the overall design that should maintain its architectural value over time, it is in the clever use of space and simplicity in design, it is in the use of natural materials rather than fake substitutes to ensure their desirability in the depth of time, it's in the craftsmanship and love for what we do, it's in our goal to stand out and build our good name on excellence.

Customer satisfaction is the result of quality, innovation and value for money. Our customers recommend us to their friends and family, and this is our way of knowing that our hard work and attention to detail are paying off. We are constantly working to improve our product, to produce buildings that people will be happy living or working in them, sometimes both, we are always at the project sites to ensure that craftsmanship and pride are behind every brick and tile, and we try to maintain a direct and honest relationship with clients, always listening to their needs and using their suggestions to improve ourselves. Our motto is that customers are happy if they get more than what they ever imagined, and this is what we always aim for.


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