Co. Financial Outlook

Ikodomiki Stavrides & Stavrides was founded in 1980 as a property investment company, with the primary scope of developing commercial and residential properties for rent. Greg Stavrides explains..... "our strategy of buying prime locations and designing desirable buildings helped us grow with minimum borrowing; by reinvesting our profits in unique properties, our property portfolio grew to a current net worth value in excess of €15.000.000".

The company has a very solid financial picture and this is visible to any interested party upon request. Accounts and tax responsibilities are in order and up to date, there is a steady stream of income coming from solid long term leases, the cost structure is very lean and for the past 10 years the company has maintained a positive profitability and cash flow.

Greg went on to say..... "we do take risks but we believe they are well calculated, we do grow every year, but we choose to do it in steps, not leaps. The recipe for our success is really very simple; we try not to stretch our resources too thin so that we can deliver what we promise, without delays, without problems and at a profit; these are difficult times for all and if we want to sustain our growth, we need to continue offering piece of mind to our customers, helping them feel the security that their investment is secure with us".


First commerial building on Makarios Avenue (rented) Another commercial building on Limassol Avenue (rented)